Whats left to say about the terrible attacks on Mumbai?! Well... Gandhi said An eye for an eye will turn the whole world blind - but in this case, unless the demolishers get blind, its totally not possible to stop them. Certainly this is not about religion and these people do not belong to any religion as they carry stupid sentiments and this is not the world where we want our kids to grow and these are not the people who should be left free to roam around the world making new plans of destruction, thereby corrupting the system generation-after-generation!

How do we categorize this - a sheer carelessness on the duties? And in the media when people say "why mumbai always?" it makes me think what they think about this.. do they want other cities to suffer as well? heights of stupidity! Its high time India concentrates on this issue by having a separate wing to specialize on only this area.

Army term for everyone is one good thing which can be put in action where constantly we will have young blood who will definitely make a change in how things are perceived. Not only army, probably a system should be put in place that an individual should serve the country from the defense perspective for atleast 3 years after completing school and then let them proceed for their career aspirations. It could be - being a part of the local security, police, aux-police, creating awareness across the society about the safekeeping of the society, etc. Country and its safety come first. If my home is not safe, I am not safe! I see all these politicians, cine stars and other celebs who just talk and give interview just for the sake and they do not tend to think or realize the seriousness in how the country could be shaped in terms of getting itself out of the clutches of corruption and cheap politics.

Corruption is the root cause of all evil - if proper audit and follow-up happens on what threats were expected and how they are termed emergency, high, medium, where will there be a possibility of missing such a information where we were cautioned that we may expect an attack through sea? Are we still underestimating local thugs and we claim only international "beings" as dangerous ones? Why dont we realize that anyone, who's intention is to create a damage to the society, is to be considered a threat to the country? Aren't the punishments not strict enough? Why do we still have to keep pushing the decisions on punishing such a "being" for a long time?

Media plays a good role in creating awareness in the society but they are like double-sided knife. The government should know how to handle media. Certain confidential information should be kept away from media, in the point of view of the national interest and security. Our every action plan is known to everyone - it doesn't matter for the good ones as they do not bother hurting the country but the bad ones? The media has to realize that publishing the strategic matters will give the bad guys a chance to reconsider their plans and considering alternate course of action. Stretching self to get a scoop is good but not everything should be considered for public view. RTI act on retrieval of such information should not be applicable. Not everyone should know everything. For this to be achieved, we need proper people at proper places and above all we need to trust that these people will act with responsibility. Media's fault-finding attitude does not always reward the society and it could have a negative repercussion on the society.

Why can't there be a special court to hear, conduct trial and sentence the guilty to death directly? If people understand that India will be a tough host for such elements, will there be a nerve for someone to perform such an activity? Time and law-makers have to answer this. A system cannot be corrected by seeing it from outside and just by thinking but certain action has to be triggered from within. We are in the system and that is the best place where the system can be corrected and transformed to a better one. We know our country and we are responsible for every careless approach.

We cannot afford another blow. Lets strive to make this world a better place to live and make a great country retain its peace. May God give enough strength to the friends and relatives of the victims of this attack as I believe in "Life has to go on".

Jai Hind!