Do not jump into conclusion that this post pertains to a search on someone who is missing! Nope... its not about someone who is missing but its about how we feel when someone is missed! Apparently, its the people, who we love to be with, are the ones who are missed.

I believe its associated with the rank of the generation we are in and the visibility further down. In the family tree, when I was the last node, even with several other last nodes, I cared for nothing and missed no one when I set my foot out of my home place for work. To an extent, yes - I did miss them but only for few minutes in a week.

On the other hand, now, being a son, brother, friend, uncle, husband and a father, going up one level on the generation tree when compared to the current generation, its completely different from what it used to be! I'm out of my place for an assignment and I feel that its just not the same. I guess its the same or even more, for travelling mothers as well.

Is this a sense of sentimental attachment or is it mere responsibility to check on how people are, back at home or is it just being over-sensitive and reacting more beyond normal on not finding them in the same spot? Or is it the age which is catching up, demanding the nearness of beloved ones at all time?

Whatever... I guess the people who have already experienced it, would have found a way to mitigate it as well. And now, its my turn! I guess its just not the physical distance that attributes to missing someone but even when people are together but when they couldn't spend time with each other, its the same thing.

Ask the satan and it will say "Don't miss people - make them miss you" but God says "It is required, for you will get to know how bad life is without them near you!"

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முகுந்தன் said...

//It is required, for you will get to know how bad life is without them near you!//

It is not bad,horrible sometimes....